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Publicerat: 2015-05-02 i The islamic madnes
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A clear message! This awesome picture says it all. There has been no progress at all in islam and it’s on the same level as usual – The fucking stone-age! Slavery and a lot of insane people!

Picture from Facebook

Arnfinn Roehm

This video you’re about to watch now, it is not filmed in Sweden but in The Netherlands. But its message is clear and it’s the same in almost every european country nowdays! To open up our borders and fill up our countries with bastard lik these ones it’s plain crazy and fucking insane! Politicians in power should be thrown in jail because they are  clear threat to your country and its population. So here you have it, enjoy or not!

If i got my hands on these fucking bastards, then i would be given a long sentence in jail, but i would not give a fuck!

Arnfinn Roehm


Gives an idea on the chaotic situation now in Sweden, does it not? Horrible, and fucking crazy as allways when the satanic fairytale islam and its believers is involved! Islam can ruin a fine day, eh?

Just to convince you all, here’s another horrible picture! Sad really, the south of Sweden is like a fucking islamic Zoo and  that gives me shivers down my spine!


Ok, here’s an awefull and disgusting picture, makes me both angry and sad! Those dirty motherfuckers should be hanged in the nearest tree! That would be a response that would send a clear signal!


We finnish this off with a fourth picture and it’s just as disgusting and does it not show what muslims are made of, what their evil agenda is? As allways they are angry, crazy and really! They should be corrected in a harsh and brutal way!


Respect? Say what? They does not deserve any respect and i will never respect an ideology that behave and give as a result a situation as the picture above shows! They should convert, fuck off or do both things!

Arnfinn Roehm

A really good blog on the situation in Malmoe and the rest of Sweden as well!JihadInMalmoe

Picture’s taken from Facebook

Nej, det kan de verkligen inte och trots alla tafatta och värdelösa försök som analfabeterna och pedofildyrkarna sjösätter, så blir det endast till det torftiga och usla anti-climax som vi idag är vana vid! Ett monumentalt och krampaktigt jävla religiöst utflipp! Inget matnyttigt där inte! Så håll i turbanen Ahmed lille, för nu jävlar ska det ljugas å det grövsta!