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Pegida-manifestation i Linkšping 150302

The picture above show two swedish patriots who must be seen as two of the frontmen behind the Swedish Pegida-movement. Keep up Dan and Henrik!


This is taken from Gatestone and written by Soeren Kern.


”Look at all the countries where Islam is dominant. Look at Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan. Non-Muslims, Christians, Jews, women, gays and apostates are treated there as inferior. They are being humiliated, persecuted, and even murdered. That is exactly what we are fighting against.” — Geert Wilders.

”We have enough of the political correctness. We have enough of the Islamization of our societies. We stand for freedom, for the truth. Because we think that without freedom, life is not worth living. Freedom and human rights — that is what we stand for.” — Geert Wilders.

”Every day, we hear the same mantra that Islam is a religion of peace. After every atrocity committed in the name of Islam, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel and my own Prime Minister rush to the television cameras to declare that these acts have noting to do with Islam. How stupid do they think we are?” — Geert Wilders.

”Dear friends, German patriots, look at Israel, learn from Israel. Israel is an island in a sea of Islamic barbarism. Israel is a beacon of freedom and prosperity in a region of Islamic darkness. Israel refuses to be overrun by the jihadists. So should we.” — Geert Wilders.

It seems clear that ordinary Germans, including those with legitimate concerns about the spread of Islam in their country, are reluctant to identify publicly with Pegida, even if they privately support the cause.


”This blog gives it’s best to the people behind the Pegida movement and hope more people see the chaos and the instability islam causes and join the movement. No surrender!”



Arnfinn Roehm